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If you are interested in further study or in conducting educational research there are many opportunities available. Most universities have Master of Education degrees by coursework where you can select areas of interest such as leadership or specific curriculum areas. Some may also have postgraduate certificates or diplomas that focus on very specific topics. Search on the web for each university to see what is on offer.

Example: Murdoch University has a Master of Education and a master of Education by Research  

Example: Curtin University has (among other courses) a Master of Education and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education

Research degrees in Australia at present do not require students to pay fees so this may be attractive option! Some universities have a Master of Education Degree by Research and others will have an Master of Philosophy (MPhil) which is a research masters degree. You may also wish to consider a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Education (EdD) both of which are research degrees.


If you are interested in finding out about the latest research in education your own professional association may have a local or national or international conference. There are some other large education research conferences that may be of interest. Perhaps the main group in Australia is AARE and other countries have similar groups – search for BERA, EARLI, EECR, EERA and AERA!

Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)

AARE is the national association for fostering educational research in Australia. AARE facilitates contact between educational researchers and supports the development of high quality educational research.Key activities of AARE include:

  • an international Annual Conference held in a different location each year;
  • research development workshops around Australia;
  • support for the formation and activities of Special Interest Groups;
  • The Australian Educational Researcher - a Thompson (ISI) ranked journal;
  • AARE NEWS with information about activities and issues for education researchers; and
  • awards for postgraduate students and outstanding education researchers