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Dr Caroline Mansfield

Caroline F. Mansfield, BA (UWA), Dip Ed (WACAE), MEd (ECU), PhD (ECU).

Dr Caroline Mansfield is a Lecturer in the field of Educational Psychology at the School of Education, Murdoch University, Western Australia. She coordinates undergraduate and postgraduate units focusing on learning, teaching and assessment processes, social and emotional development, collaborative learning and motivation. Caroline has received awards of excellence for both teaching and research. In 2009 she received Murdoch University’s Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award in the category of early career teaching. In 2003 Caroline received the Western Australian Institute of Educational Research’s Postgraduate Award for meritorious research in support of her PhD dissertation.

Caroline’s research focuses on motivation of students and teachers in learning contexts. Using mixed methods, her research has investigated the individual and contextual factors that influence student motivation during adolescence and how motivation changes and develops during this time. She is currently involved in projects about the motivation of teachers and preservice teachers, development of teacher beliefs, teacher resilience and teacher efficacy. Furthermore, Caroline has a keen interest in how teacher education programs prepare teachers to meet the challenges of the profession and has conducted recent research regarding how preservice teachers learn about classroom motivation and how this impacts on their practice. Caroline supervises postgraduate students in the areas of student and teacher motivation, classroom contexts, social and emotional development, and higher education.

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Anne Elizabeth Price, BA (UWA), Dip Ed (UWA), MEd Hons (Murdoch), EdD (Murdoch)

Dr Anne Price

Dr Anne Price is Deputy Program Chair (Primary Teacher Education), Academic Coordinator of Primary School Experience and Lecturer in Curriculum Development for Practitioners and Professional Issues in Teaching, in the School of Education, Murdoch University. Anne was formerly a secondary teacher and Deputy Principal and has extensive experience working in remote indigenous and multicultural communities and District High Schools.

Anne has particular expertise in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) curriculum and strategies for the recruitment and retention of ITE students from ‘non-mainstream’ backgrounds - the subject of her doctoral dissertation. Anne’s work builds on critical discourse theory as a way to make connections between language / discourse and broader ideological power structures. She has a particular interest in the way social relations, identity and power are constructed through the Discourses of Schools and Higher Education Institutions and the impact this has on reproducing educational inequality.

Other interests include action research, teacher research and professional learning as well as education for language and cultural minorities. She is also interested in investigating the challenges facing educators in the contemporary context of changing work patterns, demographics, cultural practices and Information Communication Technologies.

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Project Team

Susan Beltman, BA(Hons) in Psychology (UWA), Dip Ed (UWA), MEd (Hons) (Murdoch), PhD (Murdoch).

Dr Susan Beltman

Dr Susan Beltman is Senior Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology in the area of Educational Psychology and is currently the coordinator of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) program. She has a wide range of interests, especially learning and motivational strategies designed to develop effective, inclusive learning environments. Sue worked for many years as a School Psychologist in government and non-government schools in Western Australia and Queensland. Within school settings she is particularly interested in Health and Well-Being programs and how strategies to promote resilience may be incorporated at a whole school, year group, classroom and individual level.

Susan’s teaching and research areas of interest include motivation, social and interpersonal aspects of learning, students at risk, resilience, and school and community programs involving mentoring and role models. She has an interest in qualitative and mixed methods research methodologies and has published in the areas of mentoring and resilience. Her current research examines pre-service teachers’ motivations for choosing to become a teacher. She is an advisory group member for the “Responseability” project with the NSW Hunter Institute of Mental Health and a member of the steering committee for the Aussie Optimism Program.

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Andrew McConney, BSc (Toronto), MSc (Florida Tech), PhD (Florida Tech).

Dr Andrew McConney

Dr Andrew McConney is Senior Lecturer in research and evaluation at Murdoch University. Andrew has been engaged in research, evaluation and development studies in teacher effectiveness, teacher development and school reform for over 15 years. From 1993 to 1995, he directed the cross cutting theory project within the US funded Center for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation (CREATE) at Western Michigan University. From 1996 to 2001, he was Associate Research Professor and Co-Director of the Teacher Effectiveness Project at Western Oregon University, and from 2001 to 2005 was Associate Professor in Research and Evaluation at Florida Gulf Coast University.

As an educational researcher, Dr. McConney co directed the Teacher Effectiveness Project, that over four years asked the question “Does the nature of teacher preparation make a difference in the practice and beliefs of new teachers, and in the quantity and quality of their students’ learning?” The aim of this project was to understand and thereby enhance, beginning teachers’ effectiveness in promoting student learning in the context of standards based schooling. In Australia, McConney has continued to research issues around teacher effectiveness by producing a review of current research on the topic for the Commonwealth’s Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST). Currently, Andrew is conducting research for the Western Australian College of Teaching on the prevalence of teaching “out of-field” across WA K 12 schools.

As an educational evaluator, and specifically applicable to this project, Dr McConney was team leader and co principal investigator on the evaluation of improvements in the Baltimore City Public Schools. Here, Andrew’s team held responsibility for the examination of teacher recruitment, retention, mentoring, professional development, and performance evaluation. Dr McConney has also worked directly with National Board of Professional Teaching Standards certified teachers, mentoring these teachers in demonstrating their effectiveness through action research projects.

Overall, Dr McConney has directed or co directed over 2 million dollars of externally funded grants and contracts related to research on the assessment and evaluation of teacher education, professional development and teacher effectiveness, on school system reform and improvement programs and on the evaluation of science and environmental education programs.

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Lina Pelliccione, Dip Teach (W.A.I.T), BEd (Distinction) (Curtin), MEd (Research) (Curtin)), PhD (Curtin)

Dr Lina Pelliccione is Associate Professor at Curtin University of Technology in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). She coordinates and lectures a range of units which deal with the integration and effective use of ICT in teaching and learning at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. As an educator she aims to move beyond the view that computer tools enable us to be more efficient – she aims to help students learn to use these tools as mind tools. Her aim is to challenge all students, to not only feel comfortable and confident with technology, but also to be critical and reflective regarding the application and use of the technology within their own particular learning and teaching environments.

In 2006 Lina was awarded a Carrick Australian Award for University Teaching: Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning for her work into ePortfolios as part of the development of critical and reflective teachers. Lina has been instrumental in embedding ePortfolios in the four year Bachelor of Education program. Her teaching and research interests include: the adoption and implementation of ICT in teaching and learning; enhancing learning through the use of ICT with young children through to adults; electronic portfolios; online learning environments; innovation and change.

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Marold Wosnitza, Dipl. of Educational Sciences (Koblenz-Landau, Germany), PhD (Koblenz-Landau, Germany), Habilitation (Koblenz-Landau, Germany), Professor of Education (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Marold Wosnitza is Professor for Education at RWTH Aachen in Germany. Before that he was Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at Murdoch University. His research and teaching expertise lies in the area of learning and assessment, research methods, motivational and emotional processes, collaborative learning in face to face and online settings and learning environments. Marold has extensive international experience, having trained and taught in several Universities in Germany and Australia. He directed a number of research and evaluation projects for companies and governmental institutions (e.g. "Motivated self-directed learning in vocational training schools in Germany" (German Research Foundation), "Evaluation of the implementation of Computer based Training in High-Schools" (Ministry for Education, Science and Further Education Rhineland-Palatinate), "Evaluation of the new educational concept of ABB-learning centres Switzerland" (ABB Switzerland). Marold implemented a number of national and international ICT projects in schools and universities and was member of the ICT-implementation-committee at the Philosophical Faculty at the RWTH-University Aachen. He has published and edited numerous books, book chapters and articles in international and national peer-refereed journals. Furthermore he is on the editorial board of the German journal "Empirische Pädagogik" and on the Advisory Board of the Book Series "New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction" of the European Association on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

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