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Below you will find some useful weblinks with regard to curriculum, negotiating with parents and colleagues, tips for teachers, and beginning teacher support.

Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Council Online Learning and Curriculum Support
WACOT registered teachers can access free online professional development and curriculum support in any of the WACE certificate subjects. Support materials include teaching programs, assessment outlines and assessment tasks. Final year university students can also apply for access to this site.

EDNA – Education Network Australia
This extensive website allows teachers to connect with others in their learning area of speciality to collaborate, connect and support each other in the teaching profession. Resources include forums, online events calendars and a directory of important Australian education websites. Extensive links to online teaching resources and subject specific teaching material is included.

Global Projects
Online projects for teachers and their students. This website provides some online projects in a variety of subjects. Resources including forums, chats and contact details to connect students and their teachers around Australia.

Classroom Management: The Bump Model
The BUMP model is a highly successful method of dealing with challenging student behaviours. Check out: Classroom Management: A thinking and caring approach, by Barrie Bennett and Peter Smilanich.

Free Lesson Plans
This page includes over 4000 free lesson plans in a wide range of subject areas – something to get the creative juices flowing.

Facebook – Beginning teachers
Catch up in a community with other new teachers and share your thoughts, fears and experiences.

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Negotiating with parents and colleagues

Moore, Mike. (2003). 14 Steps to Teacher Assertiveness
: How to cope with difficult parents, principals and staff members. The Teachers Net Gazette.
Online article. Retrieved 18th August, 2010.
This article outlines some practical and accessible tips for how to deal with people that you experience as challenging, confrontational or derogatory. A key message is not to let others intimidate you or treat you disrespectfully, including ways to manage this. The article encourages acting with confidence and building our own credibility.

Strategies for working with parents. Mercer Island School District – New Teacher/Mentor Program. Modified from a presentation by Dr. Douglas J. Fiore, South Anna Elementary School, Hanover County, Virginia.
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. Retrieved 18th August, 2010.
At its core, this presentation argues that good teacher-parent relationships are better for students. A number of different practical strategies for approaching and responding to parents are suggested, including responding to some tricky scenarios. The presentation includes some tips for assertively defending oneself and using our time productively when communicating with parents.

Bright Hub – Education. Working with Parents of Student's with Learning Disabilities
Online article. Retrieved 18th August, 2010.
This article is fairly short and includes sub-headings regarding: overzealous parents, absent parents, the parent enabler, and defensive and confrontational parents. Each sub-topic includes an example of the parent behaviour and some guidelines about how to respond to or manage this situation.

Heathfield, Susan, M. (n.d.). How to Deal With a Negative Coworker: Negativity Matters. Human Resources.
Online article. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This brief article gives advice about how to approach different kinds of negativity that anyone may encounter in co-workers. A distinction is made between occasional negativity and ongoing, chronically negative co-workers. The article encourages readers to be helpful to a degree, but to also own our own opinions and protect their positivity at work.

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Tips for Teachers

Teachers' TV
If your resolution is more focused around career development, revisit out trusty series From Good to Outstanding, where we follow teachers as they attempt to improve their skills in the classroom. One of our most popular series ever, watch top inspector Claire Gillies as she helps teachers raise their game and transform their teaching from 'good' to 'outstanding'!
The popular series Ease the Load features some great videos to help solve these issues and make your workload manageable. Video picks include tips and ideas to ease you into the new term, time management advice and learning how to not work through breaks! (2008). 10 Tips for New Teachers.
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This YouTube video runs through 10 tips for coping in your first teaching job. Some general and practical tips are offered, including wearing sensible shoes! (Running time 1.5 minutes). (2009). 5 Great Ideas for All Teachers.
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This YouTube video runs through 5 ideas for keeping yourself, your classroom and your students organised. It includes some ideas like having workstations to divide up a task and using a student behaviour template. offers a lot of teaching ideas and resources so it may be worth a visit (Running time 2.5. minutes).

6 Quick Tips for New Teachers
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
The strategies presented in this YouTube video clip are aimed at new teachers and are an attempt to address the number of new teachers that leave the profession within the first 5 years. Within a fairy-godmother kind of fairy-tale script, this video includes a number of tips for making your new teaching position work for you, including developing good relationships with students and finding a good mentor (Running time 4 minutes).

How To Maintain Classroom Discipline - Good And Bad Methods Training Educational Video
YouTube, Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This black and white video clip includes high school age students and demonstrates some teacher behaviours that can lead to deteriorated student behaviour and learning. The second half of the video goes through some of the reasons for student reactions and identifies different ways of approaching student learning. A bit old fashioned but it identifies some useful principles of behaviour management (Running time 14 minutes).

Positive Learning Places - Classroom Management Plan
YouTube, Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This engaging video clip runs through some classroom management principles with a beginning teacher audience in mind (Running time 8 minutes). The video clip refers to new teacher performance-based standards (in the United States) and the links are below for your information. The standards include indicators in new teacher competency, which may be a useful self-reflection tool.

Interstate New Teacher Assessment & Support Consortium [INTASC]
Retrieved 17th September, 2010.

Motivating Students in the classroom.
YouTube, Retrieved 20th August, 2010
This is a ‘feel-good’ look at motivational principles (includes lots of smiling faces and up-beat music), especially the important tenets of Expectancy Value Theory and Self-Determination Theory. It is all about inspiring teachers to motivate their students (Running time 4.5 minutes).

Daly, Tom. (2007). Tom Daly online – Changing the World one Classroom at a Time - Teachers
Online article. 17th September, 2010
Tom Daly, a teacher education professor from San Diego California, outlines his secrets to managing disruptive students and students with ADHD. There are offers of resources and support on this website. Daly’s work seems particularly credible given that he was an ADHD student himself.

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Beginning Teacher Support

New Teacher Centre. (2009). Mentoring and Supporting New Teachers.
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
Mentors and new teachers discuss the benefits of the mentoring process. (Running time 4 minutes).

Supporting new teachers
With almost 800 public schools in WA, being a teacher in public education offers a huge range of career opportunities; however being part of such a big system can also be overwhelming for new staff. To assist in the transition from uni an e-guide to teaching in a public school has been developed. The guide includes important information and links to useful websites. It also covers details of the professional learning available to new teachers and school psychologists and how they can progress their career.

Teacher Induction in Action: A Model For Success
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010
Mentors and new teachers discuss the mentoring program that they are part of. Some interesting examples of how the mentor teachers assisted beginning teachers are included (Running time 4 minutes).

The video refers to the New Teacher Center (US) – Launching the Next Generation. Their website includes links to research and resources.
Website. Accessed 17th September, 2010

11_GA Roundtable Beginning Teacher Support
YouTube. Retrieved 20th August, 2010.
This video clip follows a round-table discussion amongst experienced teachers about the importance of supporting new teachers and what support looks like or should look like (Running time 5 minutes).

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