Building Teacher Resilience

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This page contains links to various resources that can be useful for supporting teacher resilience.

Inspiring teachers – Beginning teachers
A website with lots of resources for beginning teachers. Check out the tips section, where you can find specific tips for common areas of concern and a variety of articles and blogs written by teachers, for teachers.

Listen to the voices of new teachers and hear about the challenges and rewards

Building your own resilience
A short, easy article on how to build your own resilience.

The road to resilience
This website is designed by the American Psychological Association to provide relevant, professional assistance to adults wishing to improve their resilience and deal with conflicts in their personal and professional lives. Includes strategies to improve your resilience and links to help individuals continue on their own journeys.

Tips to build resilience in adults
12 short and sweet tips to building your own resilience and improve your personal outlook.

Resilience Net
This website provides a huge wealth of online information regarding resilience in both children and adults. With comprehensive links to a variety of resources, including an online virtual library, this website provides information highly relevant to those looking at increasing their knowledge of coping mechanisms and strategies.

Department of Education (DoE) Confidential Counselling Service
The DoE offers a counselling service to all its employees and their immediate family members. This is an independent and confidential service. Employees and immediate family members are entitled to six free sessions annually. Currently PrimePsych are contracted to the Department to provide counselling services. The counsellors have experience in a wide range of problems including:
  • Managing stress and fatigue.
  • Relationship and family issues.
  • Conflict and harassment.
  • Work and personal trauma.
  • Work and career problems.
  • Alcohol and drug problems.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Financial difficulties.
  • Bereavement and grief.
  • Separation and divorce.

Seeking counselling early can often prevent a relatively minor concern developing into a major problem. Untreated, these difficulties can cause a decline in the quality of your personal life, result in work problems and reduced job satisfaction. If you or your immediate family members want to see a counsellor, phone Prime Employee Assistance Services on (08) 9492 8900 or 1800 674 188 to make an appointment.

Response Ability supports the exploration of relevant principles in teacher education programs, to better prepare teachers for their important roles in supporting the development and wellbeing of children and young people.
In particular, see the "Looking After Yourself and Others" document on the Guides and Fact Sheets page.

Staff Matters
StaffMatters is a MindMatters program designed to assist people working within the teaching and education sector. This site includes links to resources and further professional development for teachers.

The secret of resilience
This lecture addresses the processes and mechanisms that underlie resilience in human beings. Resilience refers to successful adaptation despite adversity, ability to overcome hardships and trauma, developmental competencies or even blossoming in harsh conditions. Abundant research is available on the child-family-and society-related factors that enhance resilience in various hardships including parental mental illness, childhood abuse and major trauma of war and terrorism. This lecture explains these coping mechanisms and how we can encourage these qualities in ourselves and others.

Teachers' T.V.
Why not take a look at our selection of videos designed to maintain staff well being under pressure? This includes the helpful series Ease the Load, which demonstrates real-life examples of how to manage your workload efficiently and productively while improving your work/life balance.

Australian mental health resources
A website with many professional medical resources, including fact sheets to a number of health conditions including anxiety and depression. Includes a depression rating scale and checklist and resources on problem solving strategies and solutions.

Beyond Blue
The national depression initiative includes a symptoms checklist and a variety of resources including links to treatment and advice on how to help yourself and others.

Professional counselling for teachers
School Psychology Services offers a professional service to teachers that includes counselling, debriefing, professional development and advice on school issues. Whether you are new to the field of teaching or have been teaching for many years, individual or small group sessions with a qualified Educational Psychologist are an excellent way to assist with both your professional and personal development

The Mood Gym
This is a free self help program which uses cognitive behavioural therapy to help people vulnerable to depression. Developed at the Centre of Mental Health Research at the Australian National University.